Target Dolls With Instagram brows

Seemingly random question: have you checked out the toy section at Target lately? — because holy SPICY GUACAMOLE. I tempi sono cambiati.

I was at the store with Connor the other day because she’s been home from school this week for mid-winter break, and well, apparently, dolls as a general toy category have become Instagrammed out!


Yup, did you know that there are dolls with color-blocked eyeshadow, bladed brows that could cut glass, and smudged-out smokey lower lash lines?

Is it just me, or do these dolls look like they received lip injections?

Instagram baddie winged liner is also alive and well (in case you were wondering).

It’s interesting to see how social media appeal standards have influenced so much! — including dolls in the toy aisle!

I guess that’s a good thing? Hmm…

One welcome change, though, is the variety of skin tones that are available for dolls now. It’s a much a lot more inclusive world! There are so lots of a lot more skin tones and hair types than there were when I was a kid.

Now, there are even male dolls with fabulous, fluffy hair, and guess what? They’re wearing makeup too.

I thought they were girls with short hair wearing suits at first, and my immediate action was, “That’s cool!”

I’ve considering that been informed by my friend Cindy that this trio of dudes is the Korean kid band, BTS.

Please note their Cara Delevingne bushy brows…


Il tuo amichevole vicinato Appeal Agice,



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