The new MAC extra dimension Blushes in telling glow and synthetic sure

MAC extra dimension Blushes in telling glow and synthetic Sure

Well, much more like a part deux…or an addendum, if you will, to last week’s extra dimension post. You might remember that there’s a new line of blushes and highlighters in the exquisitely soft and long-lasting extra dimension formula now at MAC counters and online, and these two blushes, telling glow and synthetic Sure, are the ones I was waiting to swatch.


Ooh! So worth the wait. Aren’t they beautiful?

Telling glow (top) and synthetic sure (bottom)
Bright coral telling glow (which also has golden pearl in it) and pinkish mauve synthetic sure (haha, love that name) both have warm, subtle terra cotta undertones, and I think they flatter the heck outta toasty caramel-colored cheeks. My fellow tan babes, you’re gonna want to get these ASAP!

Telling Glow, a bright coral

Faux Sure, a warm pinkish mauve
Available now at MAC in the permanent line

They’re $28 each, and you can find them now with the rest of the MAC extra dimension Blushes and Skinfinishes at MAC counters and online.


It sounds strange to hear myself say this out loud, because it was drizzling and overcast today, but summer is best around the corner. If you have summer makeup on your mind (like I completely do), then either of these blushes ought to rock with a slick of sheer hot pink or coral gloss (and maybe some gold liquid liner and lots of waterproof mascara up in the mix).

Il tuo amichevole avvincente di Charm,


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