The MAC Future MAC Collection: A better look at the Mineralize rich Lipsticks as well as Glasses

The MAC Future MAC Collection: A better look at the Mineralize rich Lipsticks as well as Glasses

(L-R) MAC Mineralize rich Lipsticks in Cybernaut, Supernova, Ionized, Metafabulous, Touch the Earth
Ciao a tutti!

I’m still unpacking from our recent relocation (I know…I’m ON IT), as well as I’ve had restricted gain access to to my art supplies as well as even internet. however I am reading as well as enjoying all of your fantastic comments, as well as I can’t wait to get back in the picture groove soon!


In the meantime, I believed I’d provide a better look at the new lip products in the Future MAC collection (which is offered now).

Future MAC collection Mineralize rich Lipsticks

Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in Supernova

Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in Cybernaut
Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in Metafabulous
Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in touch the Earth
Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in Ionized
As far as MAC Mineralize Lipsticks go, these are sheer-medium as well as verrrry hydrating. I choose comfort over very long-wear formulas on many days, however I’m not sure about a few of these shades. The lighter shades, in particular, look…interesting.

Milk mustaches come to mind, actually.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

The sheerness, coupled with the lightness, of Supernova doesn’t work for me, however I believe the impact works better with the middle shades, like Cybernaut as well as Metafabulous.

And Cybernaut only works since I’m stubbornly “in like” with it, LOL! I’ve been thinking about cooler shades since of the good contrast with my warm skin. 

Metafabulous has a warm peachy tone that blends well into my lips as well as skin. I like the subtle nude effect. It’s an simple daily pick.

Speaking of good nudes, Touch the Earth is a great browny nude. It looks scarily brown as well as grey in the tube, however I’ve been able to wear it day as well as night without concern.

Finally, the deepest shade, Ionized, is one more gorgeous color, however I believe it might be improved with a little more pigment. In my deal with swatch above, the center of my lips show with a bit much more than I would like.

Swatches of (L-R) MAC Supernova, Cybernaut, Metafabulous, Ionized, as well as Touch the Earth
Future MAC collection Mineralize Lipglasses

MAC Mineralize Glass (L-R) The Zone, Antireality, Telegenius, Interspatial
Swatches of (L-R Clockwise) MAC Antireality, Telegenius, Interspatial, The Zone
So…there’s a extremely subtle difference between each of the Mineralize Lipglasses. They’re all essentially remove with different multicolored glitters, as well as these were the very best shots I might get, honestly!

Interspatial (pretty purple glitter!) as well as The zone (browny gold) have the strongest discernible difference, however even that is a stretch. I believe you’d be set no matter which shade you picked, so opt for the one with the shine you like the most!

Swatches of (L-R) Antireality, Interspatial, Telegenius, The Zone


I hope these pictures assist you choose which lippies to look out for the next time you stop by your MAC counter!

Thanks, guys, as well as see you in the next,


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