An Island holiday would Be a Delight: The summer de Chanel Le Vernis nail polishes

An Island holiday would Be a Delight: The summer de Chanel Le Vernis nail polishes

High up on my listing of things to do this weekend: 1) pluck my brows as well as 2) paint my nails.

This morning I discovered one of those frightening long stray hairs sprouting out of my left eyebrow that just kind of showed up today like a mushroom, BAM! If it gets any type of longer, I’ll be able to wrap it ’round my finger.


Oh, however look at that — my nails, they’re not much better. We’re talkin’ chip city.

I plucked as well as painted early last week, however somewhere between right here as well as Kauai, all hell broke loose.

Needless to say, I’ve got some charm catching as much as do, as well as I’m starting this weekend with the three Le Vernis nail polishes from the new summertime de Chanel ($26 each; offered now at Chanel counters as well as


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

Have you peeped this introduce in person yet? It’s quite hot. Every year, I look ahead to Chanel’s (almost always) fantastic sunny shades. Thirteen toasty bronzes, pinks, corals, peaches as well as golds for eyes, lips, cheeks, faces as well as nails, all influenced by our extremely own celestial sol-mate, our excellent giver of warmth in the sky, the sun!

After these swatches, I’m still undecided as to which colors to wear on my fingers as well as toes, however I understand this much: barely three days back from Hawaii, as well as I’m already itching for one more seaside vacation.

Something about these colors is speaking to me, as well as I believe it’s saying, “Amalfi…”

Italy’s Amalfi Coast

I can see it now… I’m walking down a cobblestone street in a crisp white linen dress, peer down at my toes as well as see Holiday, a creamy reddish orange, peeking out from my gold, t-strap flats. I stop as well as purchase a fresh lemonade from a street vendor, wrap my fingers around the paper cup as well as see Delight, a shimmery bronze, shining on my fingertips.

I assumption that’s it for my weekend mani/pedi then. pleasure on my fingers as well as holiday on my toes.

Oh, however what about Island, the third shade? Granted, it’s not as fancy as pleasure as well as Holiday, however it’s not your run of the mill pearly peachy beige either. Every so commonly it has a subtle flash of pink.

I used two coats for every of these swatches, however I most likely might have gotten by with one. That’s exactly how pigmented these are.

Delight is most likely the thickest of these three, however I wouldn’t phone call any type of of them thick. I’d state they’re thinner than NARS nail polishes, however thicker than China Glaze.

You’re super, moon!

Have you heard about the supermoon? It’s the biggest, baddest, brightest moon of the year, a coincidence of a full moon (or a new moon) with the closest method the Moon makes to the earth on its elliptical orbit, or perigee.

Tomorrow’s the huge night, the actual full moon, however I just walked outside to take a look, as well as the moon’s already looking quite pumped up tonight.


What are your plans for Saturday as well as Sunday? I hope they include something fun.

Il tuo amichevole community charm tossicodipendente,


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